We're a small production- and recording/mix studio located right outside Stockholm.

With 10 years of experience in songwriting, recording, and production - partly through personal ventures as artists - we have the tools and experience to help you out.

Our location and low-key profile gives us the opportunity to work with projects that interest us, in a price range that might surprise you.

We can help with arranging/producing, recording, mixing, mastering, and full commissions from the ground up.

If your art has integrity, we can work with it.

Just bring the vision.
Jerker. Owner and daily studio fiend.  Works with MUDBODY, and does commissions for art films (Fennek Film), other than helping our regular customers. Founding member of Brainchild.
Staffan. Brings much needed craftsmanship and calm to the mix. Of Deathember fame. Works at Northbound studios and here.

The main people in the studio are Jerker Österlind and Staffan Birkedal.
We also built the damn thing, which took two years and a lot of bruising.

Based in Järfälla, it’s a 16 minute commuter train ride and a few minutes on a bus to get here from Stockholm Central.

The studio was designed by LN Akustikmiljö, masterminds with diverse clients – from Meshuggah to Sveriges Radio (and us, apparently).
The gear is excellent, and we strive for a professional and inspired atmosphere. The studio consists of a live room, a control room, an isolation booth, and a small kitchen and bathroom.


There’s enough polished turds and fragile egos in this business.
Let’s show our ancestors that getting us to the top of Maslow’s hierarchy wasn’t a complete waste of time.